Practicing Resurrection


Practicing Resurrection is the title of a poem written by Esther Armstrong.Esther and her husband, Dale, are co-founders of a Portland based non-profit, ecumenical ministry called Journey Into Freedom.With a mission of bringing together people who desire to deepen their relationship with God, Journey Into Freedomís focus is ďon both the Inward Journey and the Outward Journey, on both freedom from all that keeps one in bondage and freedom to follow Godís call.ĒThis ministry provides a radical invitation to live out the Gospel Öthe Good News, which both liberates us and challenges us.It is our call and mission, as a Christian community, to bring that good news into the world, not just in Word, but in deed as well.And, importantly, during this Easter season (the period of time between Easter Sunday and Pentecost), Estherís beautiful poem is an invitation to live our lives anew, to reflect upon the grace and mystery of Godís presence among us, and to follow Godís calling to bring justice and peace into the world.


Practicing Resurrection


This is the season of spring.

Good Friday has given way to Easter

And it is time.



For those of us who have been asleep to wake up

For long overdue pregnancies to give birth to the call awaiting life

For that which has lain dormant in us to break loose and rise up

For everything we have kept in darkness to be brought into the light


The way to the resurrection is to walk out of our caves.



The season of bondage and death is over

And we have been called

To life


To stand in gratitude and awe at the Mystery

To restore right relationships and bring about justice NOW

To sing the alleluias and hold them forever in our hearts

To take up our tambourines and dance


For the one who was buried on Good Friday has risen

And he is telling us to

Break the chains of oppression

Take off our sackcloth

And live




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Esther Armstrong





Debbie Kohler