“To listen a soul into disclosure and discovery is
the greatest service one human can do for another”

~Quaker saying~




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As a pastoral counselor and spiritual director, Debbie's goal is to establish an empathic and nonjudgmental relationship with clients and to further their understanding of self, others and the Divine. She provides assistance to people from a variety of faith backgrounds, beliefs and spiritualities, as well as those who are not affiliated with an organized religion.

What is Pastoral Counseling?

Like secular counselors, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists, pastoral counselors - who are also trained in psychologically-sound therapy - seek to promote client healing and growth. In pastoral counseling, spirituality is interwoven with therapeutic practices to assist clients who seek support from their own religious beliefs and practices, or who wrestle with questions of faith and doubt.

Personal experience has taught Debbie that healing from current or past difficulties is best supported by a combination of psychological understanding and spiritual resources. Pastoral counseling is a safe place for exploring your questions about God while confronting psychological, emotional or spiritual challenges such as:

  • confusing and difficult life choices
  • loss of loved ones
  • anxiety or depression
  • relationship concerns
  • challenging life transitions

What is Spiritual Direction?

By exploring your deepest longings, desires and yearnings, spiritual direction opens you to new possibilities and invites you to the fullness of life. Soul, depth, awe, passion, stillness, patient expectation and surprise are just a few words to describe what you might encounter in spiritual direction.

Central to the conversation in a spiritual direction session are your experiences, understandings and questions about living with and within God and the Sacred Mystery.

To read her article, "What is Spirituality Anyway?" please click HERE.

Debbie offers a free initial session to help you decide whether pastoral counseling or spiritual direction will best meet your needs. Contact her to schedule a time.

"Debbie Kohler is a compassionate counselor with thoughtful reflection....
Her accepting attitude provides an atmosphere to hear the still small voice within.
She is considerate and kind in her interactions."
J. L., Naturopathic Physician

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